Testimonials 2013-2012

Mr. & Mrs. Hill

Married: December 26, 2013

From: Tennessee, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Jamie: Leah was so great to work with, she was very easy. I didn’t have to stress about anything. She took care of everything. Any idea I had, I would just email her. She’d get right back to me. And she pretty much went with every idea I had. Day of the wedding was great. I didn’t have to stress about anything. She made a last minute decision to move us on the rocks and it was so beautiful. It was the perfect decision. And she’s just great to work with.

Ryan: Same as she said. Everything she said!

Ryan & Jamie Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Roman

Married: December 22, 2013

From: Texas, USA

Leah was a dream, she handled every detail and allowed me just to show up!! The wedding ceremony was so amazing , the photographer at Tradewinds was amazing, Glen our private Chef was the bomb... it was all so perfectly orchestrated and flawless.

Jason & Vanessa Roman


Review From "Wedding Wire":

I absolutely will recommend Leah Robb services as a wedding planner. Her services and dedication are flawless. The most stress free, beautiful moment in my life! Thank you Leah, Jason and I are so grateful for your amazing talents. All the Best! Jason and Vanessa Roman


Review From "The Knot":

This was the absolute most stress free and beautifully flawless moment in our lives. We could not have been more happy with Leah and her company. I left everything up to her, trusting her with most every decision and expertise. She arrange every moment down to the private Chef after the wedding. It was PERFECT! Thank you Leah! We are most grateful for you and your talents. Aloha! Jason and Vanessa Roman

Mr. & Mrs. Parris

Married: December 9, 2013

From: Texas, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Heidi: We’ve had such an amazing experience getting married on Maui and Leah has been wonderful. We’ve emailed and called her all the time and she’s always getting back to us. It’s been really amazing; it’s been a great experience. This has been stress free for me. I’ve made a couple decisions that I needed to make and everything was taken care of. It’s been a really great experience for us.

Josh & Heidi Parris

Mr. & Mrs. Hildago

Married: December 6, 2013

From: California, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Nicole: We choose the forever yours package and it has been the best experience for us. We didn’t have to worry about anything, all the details were handled. From the bouquets, to the leis, the location. Tad our photographer is amazing. And it’s just been a stress free, easy, fun experience….Right?

Brian: Right! Thanks!

Brian & Nicole Hildago

Mr. & Mrs. Swain

Married: December 1, 2013

From: California, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Loree: We were able to plan our wedding here on Maui without ever coming and just making a few phone calls and sending some emails back and forth with Leah. And we couldn’t be happier; everything was perfect and just like we wanted it. So thank you.

Luke & Loree Swain

Mr. & Mrs. Decker

Married: November 29, 2013

From: Florida, USA

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To whom it may concern,

If you are considering hiring Island Wedding Memories for your wedding, do not hesitate a moment longer! Working with Leah Robb has been such an easy, stress-free experience! Leah was very friendly and professional, getting back to me with any questions or concerns within one day, even while she was on vacation! Other companies didn’t even get back to my initial inquiries for weeks.

Planning a wedding from afar can be very nerve wracking, but Leah always put my mind at ease. She can handle as little or as much as you need her too and is ready to make vendor recommendations if needed. We planned our wedding on short notice, which was no problem for Leah, who got started booking our vendors the same day the deposit was received, which was also the day before her wedding anniversary cruise!!!

I was truly impressed with Island Wedding Memories and Leah Robb and I would recommend her to anyone!

Felicia Decker, Bride


Review From "Wedding Wire" and "The Knot":

Such a great experience working with Island Wedding Memories! Leah Robb was very friendly and professional, getting back to me with any questions or concerns within one day, even while she was on vacation! Other companies didn't even get back to my initial inquiries for weeks. We planned our wedding on short notice, which was no problem for Leah, who got started booking our vendors the same day the deposit was received, which was also the day before her wedding anniversary cruise!!! Leah is super friendly, flexible, while still remaining the utmost professional. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants their wedding day to be fun and stress free!!

Mr. & Mrs. Kovalsky

Married: November 7, 2013

From: New Hampshire, USA

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Leah did an amazing job planning the wedding of our dreams! We truly couldn't have been happier with the way everything worked out. With Leah's help we were able to plan our wedding under two months and totally stress free! We loved all of her recommendations and everything turned out exactly the way we hoped it would - just perfect :)

Thanks so much Leah!
Monica & Kevin


Review From "The Knot":

Leah helped my husband and I plan the wedding of our dreams! We did this all in under 2 months and it was totally stress free. Leah was able to clearly answer all of my questions and concerns and also had great recommendations!!

Mr. & Mrs. Guastucci

Married: October 18, 2013

From: California, USA

Aloha Leah,

Thank you so much for all your work. You did a very good job. Everything worked out so perfect. We are very happy. I can't stop saying how I love everything in special my bouquet. Thank you so much. We love Maui and hope we can go back there soon.

Thank you very much,
Deja Guastucci


Review From "Wedding Wire" and "The Knot":

We had a beach wedding at Mokapu Beach in Wailea and it went perfectly! We couldn't have asked for a better ceremony. We were stressed that it might not turn out how we had wanted because we didn't get to see and plan everything since we live in California, but Leah and her husband did a fantastic job and we have lasting memories and amazing photos. If you are on the ropes about where to have your reception, the Grand Wailea luau was AMAZING!

Mr. & Mrs. MacKenroth

Married: October 17, 2013

From: Montana, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcripts:

Leah: If you wouldn’t mind just saying a few words about us. If there’s a bride that’s considering using us, if there anything that you could tell her about us or recommend…Go for it!

Emily: OK, our biggest thing was just wanting someone to take care of every last detail so that we wouldn’t have any stresses at all once we got to Maui. And I feel like you guys just did an amazing job with that. And Leah has just taken care of everything, things you wouldn’t think about. And made it so that it’s easy, you show up and you have a perfect wedding.

Tom: It was very simple, stress free. Everything we needed was there and it was awesome! It couldn’t have been any better.

Leah: Awesome! Thank you so very, very much! Thanks guys!

Tom & Emily MacKenroth


Leah: Go for it!...

Leah & Mom’s: Laughing together :)

Mother of the Groom: Hey, I would heartily recommend Leah. She did our rehearsal dinner last night. And as the mother of the groom, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. And knowing that I was in her capable hands, it let me enjoy my son and his new bride to be and all of the family. And so it’s just wonderful to have somebody take care of everything for you so you can do what you are there to do, which is enjoy your family.

Mother of the Bride: And for my part, the mother of the bride. Leah was a very calming influence and took care of all details, asked us good questions that we might not have thought about, took care of everything for us so that we just came and enjoyed ourselves. The food was fantastic, the décor was fantastic. She did everything she said she would, and more. Whatever we needed in addition, she was there for us.

Leah: Thank you guys so, so, so much!

Mothers of the Bride & Groom
Tom & Emily MacKenroth

Mr. & Mrs. Helfrich

Married: October 13, 2013

From: California, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Ruth: I’ve done most of the dealing with Leah. She’s been perfect. Answered all email, phones calls, questions. Handled everything perfectly, just organized, and boom, boom, boom, knew what our questions, concerns might be. Very nice, very sweet to work with. Always there when we weren’t sure of something. It’s been a flawless, perfect, smooth relationship. I would highly recommend going to her, yes, absolutely.

Jim: Very, very comfortable

Ruth: yes!

Jim: Not knowing the people you come to meet we found immediately that we were like friends….

Ruth: Yes!

Jim: ….just like old friends, it was perfect.

Jim & Ruth Helfrich

Mr. & Mrs. Martinez

Married: October 12, 2013

From: New Mexico, USA

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Leah is a wonderful wedding planner, she takes care of all the details for your special day. I highly recommend her for all your planning needs. Her friendly attitude goes a long way.

Percy & Dannette Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. Gaddis

Married: October 11, 2013

From: Indiana, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Todd: It all worked out great. I mean, Leah took care of everything. We showed up and it was all there. There was a hiccup that was beyond her control that she handled for us. And it ended up working out great. Everything is awesome, I mean you look around and it’s Maui! It’s hard to beat! Were from Indiana. It’s all terrific! Hard to beat!

Leah: Thank you guys very, very much! It was a pleasure working with you!

Todd & Danielle Gaddis

Mr. & Mrs. Pasi & Maria

Married: October 10, 2013

From: Helsinki, Finland

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Video Testimonial Transcript:

Maria: Hi There! We had our wedding organized by Island Wedding Memories and it was really good. We had everything we needed, and everything went well. We got the perfect spot! That’s it!

Pasi & Maria

Mr. & Mrs. Adler

Married: October 9, 2013

From: California, USA

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Video Testimonial Transcript: (We apologize for the wind on this video)

Jana: I really enjoyed working with you. I came across your website just by accident. I was looking for a Hawaiian cake topper. I found your site with so many beautiful things that you offer from start to finish. I didn’t have to do a thing except say yes! Thank you Leah, I really appreciate all your efforts. I didn’t even lift a finger except to get here. I really appreciate it a lot.

Paul & Jana Adler

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan

Married: October 5, 2013

From: Manitoba, Canada

Video Testimonial Transcript:

Interviewer: And so talk about your experience about having a wedding coordinator, you’re so far away from the actual wedding.

Rachel: Yes, and having only one person to have to talk to is fabulous. Instead of having to deal with 12 vendors

Matthew: Time zones, and millions of people…

Rachel: Yes! Having one person has been great. Leah has answered every email promptly and every crazy bride question that I had, even on the days where I prefaced the email with “This is crazy bride questions”. It’s been good. There have been a few hours. And we actually had fun at our wedding.

Matthew: We had a great time.

Rachel: We had fun at our wedding.

Matthew: Absolutely, everything came together exactly as we hoped it would. As you can tell…

Interviewer: Here’s another idea….would you recommend Leah?

Rachel: Absolutely!

Matthew: Absolutely!

Rachel: Yes!

Interviewer: Nice! They’re very happy!

Rachel: Were very happy!

Matthew: Were very happy!

Matthew & Rachel Bryan

Mr. & Mrs. Duvall

Married: August 22, 2013

From: Washington, USA

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Review From "Wedding Wire" and "The Knot":

Leah Robb is very good at what she does. Our event was perfect. She was extremely responsive to all of my last minute changes and stayed in constant communication. My wedding was not expensive but I feel like i got the same attention as if it was. The vendors she chose were amazing. She ran through the event like a pro. Thank you Leah. We will use you for our vow renewals I'm sure.

Mr. & Mrs. Benoit

Married: August 2, 2013

From: New York, USA

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Hi Leah!

I know it has been a while, but we are just getting around to sending out our thank you's...and we owe you the biggest thank you of all. You truly made our dreams come true and we cannot thank you enough! Thank you for organizing our ceremony, the hair/makeup, photography, and our dinner at the Four Seasons.

It was absolutely the best and most special moment in our lives, and we couldn't have had it without you!

Thank you again for the best day of our lives!
Nicole (Humpf) and Brian Benoit

Mr. & Mrs. Hatfield

Married: July 27, 2013

From: Arizona, USA

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Island Wedding Memories was a great choice! Leah Robb included everything I was looking for in my wedding and made the whole planning process stress free. She was always quick to respond to my questions and needs. Our wedding day turned out perfect and everything fit into place just as I imagined. Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Neilsen

Married: June 15, 2013

From: Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Review From "Wedding Wire":

The most beautiful dream wedding anyone could ever want!

Mr. & Mrs. Borkenhagen

Married: May 26, 2013

From: Washington, USA

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Leah was a great wedding coordinator. She helped us stay organized and not forget some of the important details of the wedding day too.

Keiko Borkenhagen

Mr. & Mrs. Gouldsborough

Married: May 7, 2013

From: Alberta, Canada

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Leah & Judah made our day unforgettable! We had guests travel from all corners of Canada and they all went away saying it was by far the best wedding they had ever been too. From the "stress free bride" because of Leah's planning, to the flowers, music, sand ceremony for our merging family and incredible photography and videography! I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful and happy day to start our life together! Thank you Leah and Judah for such a wonderful experience.

Christina & Dan Gouldsborough


Review From "Wedding Wire" and "The Knot":

Leah Robb of Island Wedding Memories truly made our day perfect! We had 30 people including our wedding party travel from across Canada to the beautiful island of Maui for our wedding. We had never been to Maui, and had through the Island Wedding Memories website and communications with Leah made all the arrangements sight unseen. The day of the wedding I was the most stress free bride I've ever known. I had a swim in the ocean followed by hair, makeup, cake delivery....everything went like clockwork! The Ceremony was incredible, and the photography/videography to complement our day could not have been any more stunning had they been cut from a magazine! I would not have changed a thing! Once the ceremony was over my guests could not stop complimenting the most beautiful and moving wedding they had ever attended and many expressed that they wished they had done this exact same thing. I would recommend Leah and her expertise to anyone who dreams of a wedding in paradise. She makes her job seem easy which I guarantee it is not, and takes all the planning and leg work worry away from the Bride and Groom so that they can enjoy every minute of their special day together! Thank you again Leah, you're the best!

Mr. & Mrs. Shoenberner

Married: May 3, 2013

From: California, USA

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What can I say? Leah made my wedding on the gorgeous Mokapu Beach an incredible experience that I will cherish for a lifetime. Leah goes out of her way to make every part of your wedding flawless. Her attention to detail, warm and thoughtful personality, and constant communication made everything from the planning to the actual wedding incredibly easy and an absolute joy. I would recommend Island Wedding Memories to anyone looking for not just reliability, but an amazing person who will ensure your whole journey is personal and unforgettable.

Thank you again, Leah!

Mr. & Mrs. Vink

Married: April 25, 2013

From: Ontario, Canada

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Thank you for an amazing wedding. I could not have done it without you. You are an amazing person. Thank you for helping throughout the process and always getting right back to me. You made my day stress free. I wish you the best of the luck in the future and I will definitely be passing your name around.

Ashleigh and Nick


I have zero complaints about my wedding in Hawaii!!! I was married April 25, 2013 on Secret cove beach in Maui, Hawaii. A year before my wedding we decided we wanted to get married in Hawaii. I spent a lot of time on the internet researching wedding planners as we were in Canada and were worried about the distance and the planning. After narrowing it down to four different companies. Leah at Island wedding Memories was the only one to get back to me right away with email questions and phone calls. She answered all of my questions. There was a time difference but I never had to wait more then a day to hear back from her at most.

She made me feel very comfortable. She gave me ideas and was open to my ideas. I did make additions to my wedding package closer to the wedding with no problem. Leah was very friendly and comfortable to talk to. We met with her a couple days before the wedding at the site and she was very helpful.

We decided to have a circle of flowers to stand in for the ceremony that matched my bouquet. (voodoo roses, sonia thai and green dendrobium orchids and ivory) Kimo was our minister. He was great. Made us feel comfortable and made us laugh. My hair and makeup were done at 5am lol…. I decided on a morning wedding so I would beat the crowds to the beach for the ceremony and was able to go to a luau for the reception!! The girls were great even though I made them get up so early. They did an awesome job and would recommend them.

We decided to go with Olanani Videography to film our wedding. She was awesome. She came to our condo before hand to film both my husband and I. She filmed the wedding and then she filmed after the wedding while we had our photos taken. She also stayed after the photos to get couple more shots of us. We provided her three songs for our video and it turned out amazing… very happy I decided to do this. We showed the video at our reception when we returned and everyone loved it..

Our cake was amazing. Our cake was dark chocolate with vanilla and Lilikoi filling with chocolate buttercream frosting. Leah boxed up the left overs to bring back to condo for us. I do not remember the name of our singer but everyone was giving him compliments. He had a great voice. Great idea to have him.

Leah was waiting for us at the beach the morning of the wedding. She got there early to save us the best spot on the beach. We had a party of 18 in total and the beach was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

I am so happy with my decision to go with Leah. She is a wonderful person and one day I plan to return to renew my my vows with her help. Even being so far away I had great trust in her to pull it off and she did. After the wedding we returned to our condo for lunch and then enjoyed an awesome luau at the Marriott. I would highly recommend it for your reception or just a night out. The show was awesome. You look out to the ocean with a beautiful sunset and we enjoyed great food. We reserved a head of time and got front row seats for us and our guests.

Thank you Leah for a great wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Rutland

Married: April 16, 2013

From: Alberta, Canada

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Hi Leah

Thank you so much for everything that you did in helping us celebrate our special day, you were a huge part in every detail of it and it was beautiful and amazing. You put so much time and effort into making the whole day stress free for me and Jon I really do appreciate that and couldn’t of asked for a better wedding planner. I want to say a really special thank you to you Leah for our wedding rehearsal dinner at the Old Lahaina Luau being able to squeeze in our three extra guests. It was Jon and I's first time to Hawaii and we absolutely fell in love with Maui, the place, people atmosphere and the weather and will definitely be coming back again hopefully for an anniversary! J

Again, thank you very much for all your help we could not have done it without you!
Alison & Jon

Mr. & Mrs. Mears

Married: March 21, 2013

From: Singapore

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Dear Leah

We are now back to reality, and wishing we were still in Maui!

We wanted to thank you again properly for all your help in organizing our big day. You were so helpful throughout the whole process, allowing us to follow our original plans while also pointing out things that we had missed or that would enhance the day. It all went better than we could possibly have imagined; the weather, the flowers, the limo! I must say the flowers blew me away, and you managed to get my bouquet spot on which I imagine wasn't easy as I didn't even know exactly what I wanted! I have had so many compliments on it in from the photos.

Thank you so much again for all your hard work, and here are a few photos from the day!

Sally & Andy

Mr. & Mrs. Cameron

Married: March 12, 2013

From: Pennsylvania, USA

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Aloha Leah,

I wanted to touch base with you to let you know how much we appreciated everything you did for us in getting our wedding put together. It was wonderful, and you were a pleasure to work with and so very nice to deal with personally as well.

We will always remember the kindness and consideration you gave us in getting our wedding executed. I can’t possibly say enough about all of the help you offered and the way you pulled this off.

You did an extraordinary job for us. I know this was just a small ticket wedding for you, and that in the grand scheme of things it was not a very big deal. For Retha and I this was the biggest day of our lives and you made it seem as though you cared as much as we did. That is priceless. You are very good at what you do and if there is ever an opportunity for me to offer a recommendation or anything that might be of use to you please do not hesitate to call on me. I am forever in your debt. Retha and I will never forget you and how very special your efforts made this wonderful day for us.

God bless you and keep you always.

Best regards and ‘Mahalo’!
Donald & Retha Cameron

Mr. & Mrs. Barber

Married: January 31, 2013

From: Oregon, USA

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Jonah and I are so thankful for you and your talented vendors, as we truly had the wedding of our dreams. We felt so calm and relaxed the entire evening, as you and your staff made it the most memorable day of our lives. Please extend our sincere thanks to Angie (lady in waiting), Leah (makeup), Eboni (hair), catering staff, bar staff, DJ Dan, Donna, Robert & Mary at Olanani, shave ice truck staff, and everyone else behind the scenes we forgot to mention, but contributed in a big way. Every day, we just keep playing the entire day over and over again in our heads, smiling and enjoying every part of our wedding. A big thank you to you, Leah. We couldn’t have done this without your creative vision and professionalism. We had so much fun. We’ll talk soon….

Love Always,
Jacque & Jonah

Mr. & Mrs. Viola

Married: December 18, 2012

From: Maui, Hawaii

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As a wedding DJ here on Maui I am fortunate enough to work with the best of the best! So when my wife and I got married in December, we were able to hand select the vendors we knew where the best. Leah Robb and Island Wedding Memories were the very first ones we chose. Having worked with her I knew her attention to detail and her high level of professionalism. I also knew it was going to be fun! Again, I have a unique perspective of working directly with many coordinators on Maui. There was no second guessing on our choice of Island Wedding Memories. It was a surreal experience for me to be a groom instead of a vendor/DJ but Leah made it so comfortable for us. We were thrilled to have her team there for us and I am always excited to work with her too. Make a great choice, Leah Robb and Island Wedding Memories!

Dan Viola


Review From "Wedding Wire"

As a wedding vendor myself here on Maui, I know who the best of the best are. Having worked with Island Wedding Memories in the past, they were the logical choice for my own wedding. I trust their attention to detail, their commitment to quality and the ability to make it fun for all involved. Again, as a wedding professional, I know quality and my expectations are high. Leah and her team exceeded the standard and made our day so memorable! We love them!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Thuo

Married: October 11, 2012

From: Virginia, USA

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Hi Leah,

I spoke with Michele this past Friday and she cannot stop raving over how absolutely wonderful you were onsite. She said everything was absolutely spectacular! She did tell me that she was late for the ceremony. But she said you made everything run seamless without a hitch. So thank you so much for your awesome service. Thanks so much!

Mary L. Windham
(Travel agent the couple used to help arrange their travel and our services)

Mr. & Mrs. Pearson

Married: October 6, 2012

From: Illinois, USA

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Pearson 1

Video Testimonial Transcript:

Crystal: Hi! I’m Crystal Pearson.

Nick: And I’m Nick.

Nick: We wanted to say how amazing Leah is. We were married here a year ago, October 6, 2012. Now we are back at another beautiful wedding she has put on. We recommended her to our friends and yet another triumph we are attending.

Crystal: It’s a beautiful location and attention to detail.

Nick: She will be there as much or as little as you need. She will answer absolutely every question you could possibly think of.

Crystal: Even if you ask the same question 17 or 18 times.

Nick: 17 or 18 times….

Nick: And another thing, we aren’t the richest people in the universe, so Leah really helped us out by working within our budget.

Crystal: But not skimping

Nick: Not skimping. The detail was there, it was fantastic, and it was a great day.

Crystal: The options were abundant.

Nick: It didn’t look like we…

Crystal: ….were on a budget. It looked like a $50,000 wedding….

Nick: Exactly! Which was fantastic ….

Crystal: It was good.

Crystal: Thank you Leah!

Crystal: We loved our wedding and it was mostly because of Leah’s hard work.

Nick: Yes! We highly recommend her……

Nick & Crystal Pearson

Mr. & Mrs. Itiavkase

Married: September 12, 2012

From: Ohio, USA

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Aloha Leah!

We have been happily married for 1 month now. How much can I thank you for helping us have the wedding of our dreams?! Everything about the trip was absolutely flawless and magical.

Mokapu beach was a great site and the sunset was perfect. The whole wedding was like a fantasy come true.

Having the hair stylist and the make-up artist come to my parents condo was such a luxury. They were fantastic. You being able to create the bouquet I wanted . . . amazing. The photographers were great to work with as well.

I absolutely LOVED the officiate and the ukelele player added the perfect Hawaiian touch.

There was not one thing I would ever change and I was stress-free the entire time! You did a great job of organizing everything and we are so appreciative of the work you did for us. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Maui and our wonderful wedding. It was everything I could have ever imagined and it was most certainly the trip / time of our lives.

I will most definitely spread the word about your company to any of my friends that are thinking about a destination wedding. We will also contact you when we have to come back to Maui to renew our vows :o)

Thanks again times a million. I wish I could relive the whole time over and over again. Thank goodness for all the wonderful pictures and video. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Many Mahalo's,
Bem and Jami Itiavkase

Mr. & Mrs. Stevens

Married: September 1, 2012

From: Saskatchewan, Canada

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Hi Leah!!

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for everything you did for us! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, and we are so thankful for everything you did! Everything went off without a hitch, and was even better than what I could have imagined :)

Thank you again! Take care,
Shawna Stevens :)

Mr. & Mrs. Bunn

Married: August 5, 2012

From: Victoria, Australia

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Thank you for making our dream day perfect. We couldn’t have done it without you. We will never forget that day as long as we both shall live. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering having a beautiful destination Maui wedding. Thank you for everything.

Sandy & Craig

Mr. & Mrs. Buonantony

Married: May 14, 2012

From: California, USA

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Hi Leah,

I have to thank you again for making all the arrangements and providing the leis and beautiful bridal bouquet. As mainlanders, we wouldn't have been able to pull this together without your expertise. Marvin's sweet and gentle ukelele music contributed to the bridal atmosphere, and Rev. Gomes's powerful delivery of the Hawaiian ceremony struck just the right note, too. All we had to do was show up and enjoy this special moment.

Many Mahalos,
Lynne Carrier (Mother Of The Bride)

Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy

Married: May 1, 2012

From: Nevada, USA


Thank you for all your efforts, we were thrilled with the flowers and the ceremony. You really know you stuff!

Mahalo! Nancy

Mr. & Mrs. Carlson

Married: March 9, 2012

From: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Review From "Wedding Wire":

We loved Island Wedding Memories, they made our dream wedding a reality and cannot rave about them enough!! We knew what we wanted for our wedding, but was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. Calling Leah was the BEST thing we ever did. She took care of everything, listened to the style and feel of what we wanted and helped bring it to life. Her professionalism, attention to detail and uncanny sense of being able to put you at ease knowing exactly what we needed and wanted was truly amazing. I tell all my friends if your getting married on Maui, definitely call them first you'll be so thankful you did!! -Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Carlson

Mr. & Mrs. Held 

Married: January 7, 2012

From: Kansas, USA

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Thank you so much for all the hard work you did to make Katie and Ryan’s wedding perfect. I have never seen my daughter as happy as I did that day. She truly glowed…what a gift to my heart. From the canopy to the music, the beauty of the flowers and delicious food, it all was awesome.

BUT…YOU, my dear, were my angel. YOU made my day stress free….even bringing me a drink when the ceremony was over. I know I was an emotional mom, but this day was one I dreamed of from the day my daughter was born. She had a great time and it will be a day they will always look back on with love.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Susan Flores (Mother of the Bride)

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